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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 13:53:00 -0700 (MST)

> (seam lines, decal and all) authentic. Do you go by the cartoon? The
> cartoon showed the MS's to be unrealistically smooth (too few
> proturbtions, seamlines etc). Do you go by the offical publications such

  What I thought was really funny about X-Gundam was that the 1/144 models
seemed to be 'true to the anime' (I.e., the same amount of detail as the
show, maybe a little more here and there) while the 1/100 kits just went
totally overboard with the panel-scribing. I usually don't complain about
too much detail, but it really became superfluous on, say, the Airmaster.

> seen elsewhere. And esp. if you look at Perfect Grade Gundam, it's
> actually quite different from the cartoon and most illustrations. Check
> out the double-jointed elbows, ankles (and other joints) that expose a lot

  Yepper. It's a totally new 'take' on the old classic. The exterior is
totally plain, the interior hyperdetailed!

> I've also seen somewhere that shows a MG 1/100 Gelgoog to be a head taller
> than a non-MG 1/100 Gelgoog, is that possible?

  Yeah, but if you think that's funny, look at the TINY size of the pilot!
There's no way the kit can be 1/100 scale unless the MS pilot is like 3
feet tall! (Unless you admit that the whole cockpit area and figure are
totally out of whack, but in some cases there simply isn't room in the
torso for that to be the case!)

   Compare this to Bandai's hit new mecha series "Gasaraki" where the 1/35
pilot figures are almost exactly 2" tall, putting them in just under 6
feet tall. PERFECT SCALING! Let's hope that the next line of Gundam models
can be somewhere near the amazing level of detail and ariticulation and
construction of the "Mini-Mastergrade" Gasaraki kits!



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