Re: The savage replies

Sean Maroney (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 12:47:29 PST

>Actually incorrect... it means "Hunter", not "Fighter".

D'oh! I hate it when I screw up! I've got to get my head out of the
cloads. MS not planes...

>It seems to be yet ANOTHER 0080 prototype. From the (Overloaded) stats
it appears to be an extreemely high-powered very fast
superiority-fighter, but that's pretty much the mandate of the entire
Gelgoog line anyway, so no surprise there.

I'm starting to see a WW II twist here. I might be reading into it a
little, but what if we compare some of the MS to aircraft types. (What
was the forrunner to the MS-14? The Zak or the Dom? What was the
purpose: Attack, interception, multi-role?)

MS-14A = FW 190D-9, MS-14JG = Ta 152, GM = P-51, etc... Its as stretch,
but hey why am I here...


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