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Sean Maroney (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 12:36:53 PST

Chien Ting
>the Zeon in 0079 is perhaps more of a mixture of things. The Zeonic
(?) royalty/nobility is perhaps Germen (WW1) or Japanese (WW2), both
men's uniform and women's dresses were more turn-of the century than
WW2. Perhaps Kato and Sean can confirm/disprove this?

Dress uniforms are a modernistic throw back to prade Uniforms of the
turn of the century. All that funky embroidery on the shoulders and
stuff. The Zion infantry uniforms (Ground pounders, not MS pilots) are
definatly of WW II origin. The helmets and Y straps are a dead give
away. Give them a gasmask canister and a MP 40 and you'd be all set. The
dot camo pattern I've seen on some of the MS's sheilds is very simmilar
to the SS spring camo patterns. The Feds' kit is definatly US in style.
The pot helmets and the webbing, just make them olive drab instead of
tan. Interesting to say the least...

Chien Ting
> How about the relation between mildly pacifist "Duke/King" (what's his
English name and title?) and his Nazi militant son? Is it similar to
the relation between Emperor Hirohito and PM Tojo Hideki, or perhaps
more along the line of Kaiser and Bismark?

What about Heindenburg (Mis-spell) and Hitler?

Chien Ting
> Of course we should recognize that there's a lot of creative
imagination in Gundam and avoid pulling far-fetched allusion out of

The more cooks, the more the stew is going to change. I like to think of
it as maturing...


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