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>You know, it's odd Bandai Visual didn't translate game part of "Digital
>Beat", since it had a lot of info about VFX-2. Oh well, here are more info
>on top of what Ollie posted already.

Is Digital Beat a manga? 0.o

>> Ages Focker (a relative of Roy Focker?), age 26 and is the hotshot pilot
>> who loves to fly. Ages is second in command of Alpha team.
>He's also the character you'll be playing in the game. He was just
>transferred to the team. He is known as "Angel Ace" to some of the other
>pilot (not that it's his callsign).

Not *another* ace pilot ^_^;;

>> Unknown name (perhaps Tung Ma Woon?). Female, age 15 years. Very brave
>> and independent. Often acts alone.
>Female? I thought he was a male! Anyway, his name is Toma Shun.

Hmmmm. He does *look* like a bloke but I hahve had it translated otherwise!

>Also, some other note;
>* Like I said already, you'll be playing Aegis Fokker, who was just
>transferred to 727th Squad VF-X.
>* This is the first Macross story that doesn't involve ANY KIND OF

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Then it aint Macross as far as I am concerned! the original VF-X the songs were the best bit!!

>You can see the character design Mikimoto did on Bandai Visual's "Digital
>Beat"'s Japanese edition. Here's URL, if you want to see some pictures:
>You may need Shockwave pluggin.

I didn't ^_^

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