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On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, Sean Maroney wrote:
> A note on seam lines: If the actual subject doesn't have the line where
> the model does, it goes! As an aircraft modeler, I really respect anyone
> who goes through and gets rid of any improper seam lines. On a Mecha

Well, a question I always have is just what exactly makes a certain design
(seam lines, decal and all) authentic. Do you go by the cartoon? The
cartoon showed the MS's to be unrealistically smooth (too few
proturbtions, seamlines etc). Do you go by the offical publications such
as Gundam Mechanics? Are they always consistent? If you look at the
Master Grade models there are a lot more details on the models then I've
seen elsewhere. And esp. if you look at Perfect Grade Gundam, it's
actually quite different from the cartoon and most illustrations. Check
out the double-jointed elbows, ankles (and other joints) that expose a lot
of mechanism to potential attack. Should we rely on the PG Gundam as the
authentic one?

I've also seen somewhere that shows a MG 1/100 Gelgoog to be a head taller
than a non-MG 1/100 Gelgoog, is that possible?

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