Re: The savage replies

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 10:33:55 -0700 (MST)

> > Gelgoog Jaeger (that's what the JG officially stands for, so I guess
> Jaeger=Fighter: Is this later war version of the Gelgoog a MS

  Actually incorrect... it means "Hunter", not "Fighter".

> Superiority MS/ Interceptor? I realize the German twist happened after
> the orignal series, but that why I like the stuff!

  It seems to be yet ANOTHER 0080 prototype. From the (Overloaded) stats
it appears to be an extreemely high-powered very fast superiority-fighter,
but that's pretty much the mandate of the entire Gelgoog line anyway, so
no surprise there.

> who goes through and gets rid of any improper seam lines. On a Mecha >
model, thats a lot! Still you can leave them if you want. Its all a >

  Gee, I've never noticed 'extra' seam lines, just the lack thereof of
'real' seam lines.

down at the local hoby shop. They're selling if for $50. I don't know if >
this is reasonable or not. They even have the Knight of Gold! Drool... >

  It's reasonable for a US store I guess. I'll sell you one for cheaper if
you're interested!

Both are incredible kits. Enough parts to drive a person mad. HLJ is >

  The KOG is by far an amazing kit. I've had it for months and I'm still
too much in awe of it to actually build it yet... amazing amazing design!


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