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On Mon, 14 Dec 1998, Mark Simmons wrote:
> Much of these touches were later elaboration.
> ...
> Zeon," the original series makes this allegory only in a pretty subtle
> fashion.

Subtle? Hmmm maybe, the Zeon in 0079 is perhaps more of a mixture of
things. The Zeonic (?) royalty/nobility is perhaps Germen (WW1) or
Japanese (WW2), both men's uniform and women's dresses were more turn-of
the century than WW2. Perhaps Kato and Sean can confirm/disprove this?
How about the relation between mildly pacifist "Duke/King" (what's his
English name and title?) and his Nazi militant son? Is it similar to the
relation between Emperor Hirohito and PM Tojo Hideki, or perhaps more
along the line of Kaiser and Bismark?

Of course we should recognize that there's a lot of creative imagination
in Gundam and avoid pulling far-fetched allusion out of nothing.

> introduced ten to fifteen years later, as a conscious effort to play up the
> Zeon=Nazi connection...

Is there a conscious effort to play down the Zeon-Japan connection? Or at
least not to suggest a connection? But I do have to credit them (in fact
most anime) for not making all the heros Japanese (is Amuro Ray

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