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> I know I might get an answer I don't want to hear, but... What is it
> with all the strange names people have in the Gundam Universe? How did
> the creators come up with them? What are the name origins?

I believe the only person whose name's origin is known is Dr. Nagano

> As a person
> who doesn't know Japanese, the names seem very un-Japanese. It just
> makes it all so confusing to follow sometimes.

Well, it'll be kinda unrealistic if all (or most) of the people had a
Japanese name, don't you think? But I do see where you are coming from

turning over to MS side...

I heard this wacky rumor that Methuss was originally the name for the MS we
know as Hambrabi. You may need some knowledge of Japanese to get this
kind-of-a-joke, but it was named because it had a lot of eyes. Also, I
heard Bolinok-saman, definitely the one of the weirdest looking MS in Zeta
Gundam, got its name from extremely corrupted "bear in the forest" (You may
be able to hear the similarities if you actually pronounced the following:
"Mori no kuma san")


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