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Sean Maroney (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 05:55:57 PST

Mark Simmons
> Gelgoog Jaeger (that's what the JG officially stands for, so I guess
it's a double German reference)

Jaeger=Fighter: Is this later war version of the Gelgoog a MS
Superiority MS/ Interceptor? I realize the German twist happened after
the orignal series, but that why I like the stuff!

>PS: A few years ago I found some Gundam Icons for the Mac OS on the
net. Does anyone have any idea where I might find them again?
Mark Simmons
> These are probably the ones I and my now-wife Julie Davis made. There
were three sets - Gundam classic, Gundam 0083, and Z Gundam. Once upon a
time they were in the Info-Mac archives, but now I dunno where you'd
find them. I can send you copies, if you like.

Blush. I'll take 'em if you'll give 'em. I used to have them but when
the hard drive goes...everything goes. (Yes I had backups, but most of
them were corrupted. Stupid Zip disks!)

A note on seam lines: If the actual subject doesn't have the line where
the model does, it goes! As an aircraft modeler, I really respect anyone
who goes through and gets rid of any improper seam lines. On a Mecha
model, thats a lot! Still you can leave them if you want. Its all a
mater of taste. I have been toying with the idea of buying a MG Gelgoog
down at the local hoby shop. They're selling if for $50. I don't know if
this is reasonable or not. They even have the Knight of Gold! Drool...
Both are incredible kits. Enough parts to drive a person mad. HLJ is
nice, but instant gatification...


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