HobbyLink Japan???

Ben Koshy (ben@w3media.net)
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 01:38:07 -0800

I just ordered a PG RX-78-2 from HobbyLink Japan and they boast on their web
page that they now can ship via UPS to all U.S. customers (I assume that
means Canada too). But what is the price? They said its 5000 yen to ship
the kit via SAL (by Sea) and takes 4-6 weeks. If I want to ship via UPS it
would cost about 12000 YEN. Wait a sec...the kit is 12000 YEN.

Is everyone else having this same experience? Kinda kills the reason to buy
from HLJ. Rather get it locally for cheaper.

Is there anyone who ships from Japan for a decent price? Or perhaps there
is a cheaper U.S. source for kits...anyone? Is there a "Gundam Retailers"
guide about?

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