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You know, it's odd Bandai Visual didn't translate game part of "Digital
Beat", since it had a lot of info about VFX-2. Oh well, here are more info
on top of what Ollie posted already.

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> The 4 characters are members of Alpha team (Squadron?). Gilium Ungred,
> age 35 is the ultra strict team leader who has lots of combat
> experience. Gilium often yells at his team members when they screw up in
> combat. However because of his strict instruction, his team has a very
> low casualty rate.
> Ages Focker (a relative of Roy Focker?), age 26 and is the hotshot pilot
> who loves to fly. Ages is second in command of Alpha team.

He's also the character you'll be playing in the game. He was just
transferred to the team. He is known as "Angel Ace" to some of the other
pilot (not that it's his callsign).

> Unknown name (perhaps Tung Ma Woon?). Female, age 15 years. Very brave
> and independent. Often acts alone.

Female? I thought he was a male! Anyway, his name is Toma Shun.

Also, some other note;

* Like I said already, you'll be playing Aegis Fokker, who was just
transferred to 727th Squad VF-X.
* This is the first Macross story that doesn't involve ANY KIND OF

You can see the character design Mikimoto did on Bandai Visual's "Digital
Beat"'s Japanese edition. Here's URL, if you want to see some pictures:

You may need Shockwave pluggin.

and just to keep this on topic, I heard the rumor that last volume of 08th
Team will hit the shelf in April, 1999. Don't know what happened, but I
hope they make it good!


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