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> Meanwhile, I wonder what I'm going to do now that Sunrise has decided
>go with the official English rendition "Principality of Zeon" (yes, this
>comes straight from Sunrise, along with the term "Earth Federation Space
>Force" instead of "UNT Spacy"). Sunrise's argument - these kanji

How about EF Spacy? I like the sound of that a lot more than EF Space
Force. It's different, but close enough to the old one to be

>are used in real life to denote the principalities of Monaco,
>et al - is a good one, but AnimeVillage decided instead to go with the
>traditional "Duchy of Zeon." So, do I adhere to the AnimeVillage
>or the Sunrise spelling?

But hasn't the name of Zeon always been designated as the Herzogtum
of Zeon or something to that effect (just like Luxembourg)? Liechtenstein
fully named the Furstentum Liechenstein (the Principality of ...) a
that I don't think has appeared in any of the previous books and

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