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> Meanwhile, I wonder what I'm going to do now that Sunrise has decided to
>go with the official English rendition "Principality of Zeon" (yes, this
>comes straight from Sunrise, along with the term "Earth Federation Space
>Force" instead of "UNT Spacy"). Sunrise's argument - these kanji characters
>are used in real life to denote the principalities of Monaco, Lichtenstein,
>et al - is a good one, but AnimeVillage decided instead to go with the
>traditional "Duchy of Zeon." So, do I adhere to the AnimeVillage spelling
>or the Sunrise spelling?

And, in the early days of Gundam fandom, "Principality" is exactly how it
was translated! Marg Baskin should be very pleased!

But what about all of those MG models with "Zion Dukedom" in hand-wide
letters down the side...?

> In other words, info in Mecha Press was generally only as reliable as the
>bylined author. If Tonghyun wrote, in their 0083 coverage, that the series
>was extended in mid-run, then I'm a believer. If that claim was advanced by
>a regular staff writer, I'd presume it to be mere speculation unless
>further evidence is uncovered.

All of the Gundam 0083 material in Mecha*Press was written by staffer
Martin Oullette, with the exception of the synopses and book reviews, which
were taken from UC Herald 2 with full attribution.


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