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Probe sez,

> Bleeaaaugh... Those are pretty awful sounding names! EFSF? Eeeugh!

  As Sunrise points out, "UNT Spacy" makes it sound like the Earth
Federation equals the United Nations, which is absolutely not the case. The
Federation, they argue, is a single nation nather than an alliance of
sovereign nations (a description that better fits Gundam W's Earth Sphere
Alliance). We ended up with UNT Spacy in the first place because Yutaka
Izubuchi carried over the "UN Spacy" marking from Macross's Valkyrie and
plastered it all over everything in Gundam 0080...

  There's certainly no law that we have to refer to the EFSF rather than,
say, the Earth Federation or the Federal Forces. All Sunrise wanted to do
was make sure people laid off that "UNT Spacy" baloney.

> It kinda adds to the whole 'tangential' connections to MSG expostulated
>in 0083. I.e., they never quite got 'all the way' and connect into the
>'real' continuity, which, for me, means that 0083 always has a sort of
>alternate-universe side-story feel to it. It's almost like they thought
>"Hey... colony drop... cool! Heh heh!" and then later thought "Hey! Maybe
>we can fit this in somehow if we show the Titan's at the end". Since Hyman
>and Ohm do appear earlier, I suspect that they wanted to do this better
>but just weren't good enough to do it right.

  Or perhaps, when we see Bosque Ohm in episode 5, it's just a sight
gag-type cameo, and the idea of tying in the Titans and Jamitov came later
in the production. I recall they took a three-month break between episodes
7 and 8 - the longest gap in the series - which they may have used to catch
their breath and plot out the conspiracy theory element. That's just
speculation, though. :-)

> But also note that not following the colony 'tips their hand' to the
>Jions. I.e., it lets the Jions know that THEY know that the colony is
>headed towards Earth.

  True. And then Delaz smells a rat, and things get messy.

> I wonder how long it REALLY takes for the Solar System to be put in
>place. After all, the components are fairly simple and may simply have
>been mothballed in various orbital yards here and there.

  But where? It's two days' travel from the moon's orbit to the low-earth
orbit where the system was deployed. And that's not allowing for setup time.

> Right, she may have told the Feds: "Hey, I know there's a plan going
>down, give me and my crew amnesty and we'll go in under-cover and find out
>what's happening. We'll meet in two weeks at this location and I'll give
>you the details", etc....
> After all, she may not have been able to simply send out a radio message
>or something like that.

  Right - and if she did so, it might be intercepted by Delaz and she'd be
in _really_ hot water.

> That makes alot of sense! Of course, the presence of the NZ does seem
>even more superfluous after that. I wish they had simply said that it was
>a relic 1YW MA like the Val Walo that the Jions had appropriated on their
>way to Axis. Also, I wish it had been more in-line with the Val-Walo than
>with, say, Gunbuster.

  Yep. There's no reason the Neue Ziel couldn't have been another One Year
War-caliber mobile armor, or even something along the lines of the Big Zam,
which was perfectly effective as it was. At any rate, imagine if the colony
had been defended by the Val Varo instead. Much shorter series, I reckon.

> Right, she did use that to Exthort the Gerbera Tetra out of him, right?

  Yep, but with hindsight, it could have also been a hint about the colony
drop plan. O'Sullivan sure didn't seem surprised when the colony passed
overhead and Cima prompted him to deflect it with the launch lasers...

> And I believe that the whole Naval Review charade was simply an
>opportunity that the Jions couldn't have planned for but used anyway.

  Not to mention a demonstration of Federation arrogance that Delaz
couldn't pass up. Remember, the whole point of Operation Stardust is to
embarrass the Federation and inspire others to rebel. I'm sure Delaz was
overjoyed at the opportunity to work the naval review into the colony drop

> But the Naval review was just a bizzare cooincidence that just happened
>to work out to their massive favor. Since there's no way the Jions could
>have known too far in advance that it was going to happen, the whole
>fleet-nuking bit may have really been a last-minute plan of desperation
>that only Gato, Delaz, and the soldiers closest to the operation would
>have known about!

  I do like this theory. :-)

-- Mark
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