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Sean Maroney introduces himself, saying...

>My main interest is in the One Year War on the Zion side of things. I
>find it odd how alot of the equipment seems to have a WW II flavor.
>(Panzerfausts, Zaks with german helmets, the MS-14JG using a MG-42 with
>some Sci-fi attachments, the use of German abbrevations in the jagon (JG
>stands for Jagdgruppe - Fighter Group), Zion infantry sporting German
>camo and such, etc.)

  Much of these touches were later elaboration. Fans of the original series
like Yutaka Izubuchi grew up, turned pro, became involved with new Gundam
projects, and took it upon themselves to play up the Nazi parallels they
saw in the original series. Aside from Giren Zabi's battle cry of "Sieg
Zeon," the original series makes this allegory only in a pretty subtle
fashion. The examples you cite - plus others like the mobile suit Kaempfer,
the retconned Zeon flag, and the Gelgoog Jaeger (that's what the JG
officially stands for, so I guess it's a double German reference) - were
introduced ten to fifteen years later, as a conscious effort to play up the
Zeon=Nazi connection...

>PS: A few years ago I found some Gundam Icons for the Mac OS on the net.
>Does anyone have any idea where I might find them again?

  These are probably the ones I and my now-wife Julie Davis made. There
were three sets - Gundam classic, Gundam 0083, and Z Gundam. Once upon a
time they were in the Info-Mac archives, but now I dunno where you'd find
them. I can send you copies, if you like.

-- Mark
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