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> go with the official English rendition "Principality of Zeon" (yes, this
> comes straight from Sunrise, along with the term "Earth Federation Space
> Force" instead of "UNT Spacy"). Sunrise's argument - these kanji characters

  Bleeaaaugh... Those are pretty awful sounding names! EFSF? Eeeugh!

> Probe sez,
> > and probably neither did alot of the other conspiracists. Did Hyman or Ohm
> > look surprised by the nuking? (Well, I suppose it's hard to tell with
> We don't get to see their reactions, which is unfortunate as it would

  That's a problem...
  It kinda adds to the whole 'tangential' connections to MSG expostulated
in 0083. I.e., they never quite got 'all the way' and connect into the
'real' continuity, which, for me, means that 0083 always has a sort of
alternate-universe side-story feel to it. It's almost like they thought
"Hey... colony drop... cool! Heh heh!" and then later thought "Hey! Maybe
we can fit this in somehow if we show the Titan's at the end". Since Hyman
and Ohm do appear earlier, I suspect that they wanted to do this better
but just weren't good enough to do it right.

> My pet theory is that, when she previously contacted her co-conspirators,
> Cima knew only about the colony drop part of the plan. Her meeting with

  That makes sense to me... after all, she's not going to be involved with
the GP-02 attack anyway.

> a Solar System strategy from scratch. More likely, the conspirators let the
> main fleet chase the colony because explaining why they needn't bother
> would have raised some uncomfortable questions...

  That may be true...
  But also note that not following the colony 'tips their hand' to the
Jions. I.e., it lets the Jions know that THEY know that the colony is
headed towards Earth.
  I wonder how long it REALLY takes for the Solar System to be put in
place. After all, the components are fairly simple and may simply have
been mothballed in various orbital yards here and there.
  Sure would have been neat if individual elements of the SS appeared
later in the Gundam saga, say, used against Angel Halo or something like

> That's certainly possible. It's also possible that she didn't know the
> full scope of the plan until after she last contacted her Federation

  Yeah, I think this is more likely.
  After all, it's the Jions that Cima hates, not the Feds.

> co-conspirators. Given how recently Cima joined forces with Delaz, I
> suspect that she had made her deal before joining Operation Stardust, and
> may not have been able to communicate with her cohorts since then. But

  Right, she may have told the Feds: "Hey, I know there's a plan going
down, give me and my crew amnesty and we'll go in under-cover and find out
what's happening. We'll meet in two weeks at this location and I'll give
you the details", etc....
  After all, she may not have been able to simply send out a radio message
or something like that.

> drop part of the operation: She arrives in Von Braun on November 3, nine
> days after joining Operation Stardust, to purchase Kelly's mobile armor
> (which would have served as a colony escort in place of the Neue Ziel) and

  That makes alot of sense! Of course, the presence of the NZ does seem
even more superfluous after that. I wish they had simply said that it was
a relic 1YW MA like the Val Walo that the Jions had appropriated on their
way to Axis. Also, I wish it had been more in-line with the Val-Walo than
with, say, Gunbuster.

> give O'Sullivan a hint about the upcoming colony drop. That's a full week

  Right, she did use that to Exthort the Gerbera Tetra out of him, right?

> > what it was for but knew what it could do and realized she wasn't being
> > told about one part of the operation and 'took it out' this way?
> Maybe, but if she'd wanted it out of the way, she could have simply blown
> up Gato's ship. I figure she was just being obnoxious.

  Well, if she simply blew up the ship Delaz would kinda suspect that
something was fishy eh? Heh heh! Better to make it look like an accident!

  Nah, I think it may have been simply that Cima knew that idealistic
Delaz trusts soldier-boy roboto-Gato far more than he trusts her, and
hence there are things that Gato knows that she's not going to be able to
find out about... why make life easier for him?

> > But what's totally odd about that is... well, how did the Conspiracy
> > KNOW that there was going to be an operation Stardust months before it
> That's the question, eh? Of course, if they'd previously had some kind of
> relationship with Cima, they might have gotten wind that something was up.

  Yeah, that's my guess...

> Or Cima might have approached them for this reason. It's sort of the same

  It must have seemed like an opportunity for her to pay back the Jions
and earn points with the Federation all at the same time.

> > through their web of informants, etc. But the Delaz Fleet was too
> > undermanned and underarmed to carry it out.
> > The presence of the GP-02A gave them the means and ability to create a
> > massive distraction and a means to even the odds. (How convenient). Hence
> > it became a critical 'last minute addition' to their plans which they

> That makes perfect sense to me. Others involved in the plan may have
> wondered, "gee, how are we going to fight off the entire Federation fleet?"
> and anticipated that the recently-acquired GP02 would play some role in the
> proceedings, but still not known about the all-out attack on the naval

  And I believe that the whole Naval Review charade was simply an
opportunity that the Jions couldn't have planned for but used anyway.
Their original plan may have been to simply blaze through the Fed fleet
with the Val-Walo at the lead and the GP-02 using its nuclear Bazooka to
clear away the pursuing Fed fleet while the colony comes screaming down on
Earth.... The GP-02 and Val Wallo gave the the ability to turn a hopeless
plan into one that just could work.
  But the Naval review was just a bizzare cooincidence that just happened
to work out to their massive favor. Since there's no way the Jions could
have known too far in advance that it was going to happen, the whole
fleet-nuking bit may have really been a last-minute plan of desperation
that only Gato, Delaz, and the soldiers closest to the operation would
have known about!

> review. The colony drop part of the operation could still have been
> attempted without the GP02 and/or the Neue Ziel, but it probably would have
> failed.

  Yep... Delaz probably wrote up his original plans staking everything on
the power of the Val Wallo to keep away the Fed fleet as the colony
falls... but the GP-02 gave him the ability to "Take Stardust to the Feds"
and the NZ gave him the chance to save some of his own ships when the Feds
fight back!

> > the _colony_drop_ was the part tagged on to the Fleet-Nuking climax.
> I think the colony drop is foreshadowed - if not by the opening in
> Australia, showing off the results of the _last_ such drop, then at the
> very least by Cima's actions in Von Braun City in episodes 6 and 7.

  Hmm... there is something to that isn't there....

> > even Mecha Press mentioned this. Hmm!
> Not to be too critical, but my impression was always that Mecha Press
> was, um, creative in its research procdeures. Where they had access to an

  Yes, that's probably true...

> material was pretty solid, but in a lot of cases they were just making up
> plausible-sounding explanations or drawing on previous fan publications. I

   I think that is probably true, they did borrow alot of information from
other sources, and they had a pretty poor translator working for them too.

> 0083 books with extensive staff interviews, and I'm sure a mid-series
> extension would be mentioned in this context. I'll see if I can find any
> evidence on this.

  Excellent! I'd sure like to know what you find!


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