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Catching up on the "I must be dense" thread and the synopsis feedback...

Dafydd comments,

> I've always seen this translated as "Sydney Sea" and, while "gulf" is
> probably a more accurate description, I think the alliteration works better.

  It's labeled as "Sydney Gulf" on Orville's map, but I reckon I'll just
cut the reference from the synopsis as part of my general length-trimming.

> Since you've already introduced Gato as the "Nightmare of Solomon" in the
> opening paragraph, you can lose the "former Zeon ace" and even the "Anavel"
> here.

  In general, I figure a bit of redundancy never hurts in long synopses,
especially when they're on a Web page (which is even harder to read than a
printed page). I find it seldom takes long for me to lose track of the cast
whenever I'm reading a longish synopsis. Hence the reintroduction of Gato,
for those who may have tuned out in the opening paragraph.

> Fpr what it's worth, Gundam Mechanics II calls it the "Wal-Walo"....

  I'm selectively hewing to the AnimeVillage spellings (see below).

> This appears in English on-screen as "Jabrow" -- you might want to use that
> spelling for consistency.

  Yep, and for that reason they used this spelling in the AnimeVillage
tapes as well. I've been phasing in the "standard" spellings over the last
few months, starting with obvious ones like "Amuro Ray." But I'm not yet
ready to embrace "Jabrow," for the simple reason that it inclines the
reader to misprounce the name.

  Meanwhile, I wonder what I'm going to do now that Sunrise has decided to
go with the official English rendition "Principality of Zeon" (yes, this
comes straight from Sunrise, along with the term "Earth Federation Space
Force" instead of "UNT Spacy"). Sunrise's argument - these kanji characters
are used in real life to denote the principalities of Monaco, Lichtenstein,
et al - is a good one, but AnimeVillage decided instead to go with the
traditional "Duchy of Zeon." So, do I adhere to the AnimeVillage spelling
or the Sunrise spelling?

Probe sez,

> Which suggests that he definately didn't know what was going to happen,
> and probably neither did alot of the other conspiracists. Did Hyman or Ohm
> look surprised by the nuking? (Well, I suppose it's hard to tell with
> Ohm).

  We don't get to see their reactions, which is unfortunate as it would
have cleared a lot of this up.

  My pet theory is that, when she previously contacted her co-conspirators,
Cima knew only about the colony drop part of the plan. Her meeting with
Wyatt must have been a pre-arranged rendezvous, since, if she had any
secure avenues for communication, she could have warned him about the
details of the complete plan. I assume that's why she sighs, "Now I'll
never know if he was handsome or not" - she has a pretty good idea what
Wyatt's fate is going to be.

> Everyone seemed to agree that they'd known ahead of time... except that
> the Fed fleet _was_ chasing the colony for quite a lot of time at that
> point (A week?) and one could argue that they assembled the system as a
> precaution...

  Nah, the Federation fleet was only chasing the colony for less than a day
(about 16 hours, if I recall correctly). The colony impact occurs only
three days after the initial hijacking, not nearly enough time to formulate
a Solar System strategy from scratch. More likely, the conspirators let the
main fleet chase the colony because explaining why they needn't bother
would have raised some uncomfortable questions...

> Besides! Given Cima's suspicious nature doesn't it makes sense to you
> that she'd say "Give me Five million in advance and I'll tell you about
> Phase One... but before you get any wise ideas about bumping me off as I
> leave your office, I'm not going to tell you about Phase Two until you
> deliver the rest of the money to my ship in three weeks..."
> She may have been deliberately 'baiting' the Feds to extort more money
> out of them.

  That's certainly possible. It's also possible that she didn't know the
full scope of the plan until after she last contacted her Federation
co-conspirators. Given how recently Cima joined forces with Delaz, I
suspect that she had made her deal before joining Operation Stardust, and
may not have been able to communicate with her cohorts since then. But
there's no way to know for sure...

  Incidentally, more evidence that Cima had advance knowledge of the colony
drop part of the operation: She arrives in Von Braun on November 3, nine
days after joining Operation Stardust, to purchase Kelly's mobile armor
(which would have served as a colony escort in place of the Neue Ziel) and
give O'Sullivan a hint about the upcoming colony drop. That's a full week
before the actual colony hijack. But she doesn't give any indication that
she knows about the attack on the naval review.

> Right, because she was coming in with her Zanzibar at the time... one
> wonders if maybe she wanted to 'accidentally' screw up or damage the Gp-02
> because it was a monkeywrench in her plans? Is it possible she didn't know
> what it was for but knew what it could do and realized she wasn't being
> told about one part of the operation and 'took it out' this way?

  Maybe, but if she'd wanted it out of the way, she could have simply blown
up Gato's ship. I figure she was just being obnoxious.

> But what's totally odd about that is... well, how did the Conspiracy
> KNOW that there was going to be an operation Stardust months before it
> occurred?

  That's the question, eh? Of course, if they'd previously had some kind of
relationship with Cima, they might have gotten wind that something was up.
Or Cima might have approached them for this reason. It's sort of the same
question you'd have if you assumed the conspirators knew _everything_ about
Stardust before it began, except that that scenario would be even more

> My theory is that OS was _originally_ just the colony-drop operation...
> This plan, requiring lots of manpower, eventually began leaking to the Fed
> through their web of informants, etc. But the Delaz Fleet was too
> undermanned and underarmed to carry it out.
> The presence of the GP-02A gave them the means and ability to create a
> massive distraction and a means to even the odds. (How convenient). Hence
> it became a critical 'last minute addition' to their plans which they
> exploited, but didn't necessarily have to tell people not involved with
> the colony-drop operation part of of OS. Heck, Delaz and Gato may have
> been the only people who really knew what was going to happen.

  That makes perfect sense to me. Others involved in the plan may have
wondered, "gee, how are we going to fight off the entire Federation fleet?"
and anticipated that the recently-acquired GP02 would play some role in the
proceedings, but still not known about the all-out attack on the naval
review. The colony drop part of the operation could still have been
attempted without the GP02 and/or the Neue Ziel, but it probably would have

> Of course, this is all screwed up with the way the Anime was made, where
> the _colony_drop_ was the part tagged on to the Fleet-Nuking climax.

  I think the colony drop is foreshadowed - if not by the opening in
Australia, showing off the results of the _last_ such drop, then at the
very least by Cima's actions in Von Braun City in episodes 6 and 7.

> Good point, but I thought it was 'widely published'? I mean, I thought
> even Mecha Press mentioned this. Hmm!

  Not to be too critical, but my impression was always that Mecha Press
was, um, creative in its research procdeures. Where they had access to an
expert - Time Eldred for Votoms, Tonghyun for the 0083 synopses - the
material was pretty solid, but in a lot of cases they were just making up
plausible-sounding explanations or drawing on previous fan publications. I
remember that their Patlabor article switched the line art for two of the
characters, Asuma and Ota if I recall correctly - the same two characters
whose line art was switched in a previously-published Patlabor feature in

  In other words, info in Mecha Press was generally only as reliable as the
bylined author. If Tonghyun wrote, in their 0083 coverage, that the series
was extended in mid-run, then I'm a believer. If that claim was advanced by
a regular staff writer, I'd presume it to be mere speculation unless
further evidence is uncovered.

  The thing is, it shouldn't be hard to dig this up. There are a couple of
0083 books with extensive staff interviews, and I'm sure a mid-series
extension would be mentioned in this context. I'll see if I can find any
evidence on this.

-- Mark
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