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Sean Maroney (
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 11:42:19 PST

I just signed up and I though it would be wise of me to introduce
myself. My name is Sean Maroney and I live in Syracuse, NY. I've been
interested on and off in Gundam since 1988 or so. To be honest some of
the posts scare me as to the knowledge of the Gundam Universe some of
you have! I own a few Japanese Gundam books. Two dealing with Zeta
Gundam, a softcover with all the mobile suits up to Gundam Sentinal and
MS Era. (Nothing to brag about, but enough to let you know what kind of
background I have.) I also have a few magazines which give me plot
summaries to the early stuff. Tape wise I have War in the Pocket, Char's
Counter Attack, F91 Movie, and the first episode of MS Team. My main
interest is in the One Year War on the Zion side of things. I find it
odd how alot of the equipment seems to have a WW II flavor.
(Panzerfausts, Zaks with german helmets, the MS-14JG using a MG-42 with
some Sci-fi attachments, the use of German abbrevations in the jagon (JG
stands for Jagdgruppe - Fighter Group), Zion infantry sporting German
camo and such, etc.) I know very little about all this alternate history
stuff. Just the plot summaries on the Gundam Project page. Model wise -
I don't do Mobile Suits (too many seam line to keep one sane.) I do work
on Luftwaffe subjects though. Thats about all I can think of now.


PS: A few years ago I found some Gundam Icons for the Mac OS on the net.
Does anyone have any idea where I might find them again?

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