Re: Re: Re: Gundam CCA Playstation?

Oliver Barder (
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 19:09:51 +0000

>>If you want any screenshots for VF-X2 just ask. There was a site with loads
>>of info (and movies) but it has been closed down ;_;
>I'm on a macintosh so the movies would be kind of pointless but If you wouldnt
>mind you can E-mail me some of the Screenshots.. also have you heard anything
>about an official release date? in Japan or otherwise.. All I have heard so
>far is First Quarter 99..

UNiT's total incompetence over the release of the last one I aint holding my

As for the movies, I have a Mac as well (Powerbook G3) and they work just fine
(with QT 2.5 no less!).

I will e-mail you some screenshots and some of the new designs.

Mata aouze


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