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>So post it already.. Dont tease us like that..

The VFs in Digital Mission VF-X2 are:
VF-1X Plus (brown & white)
VF-11B Thunderbolt
VF-17D Nightmare
VF-19A Excalibur
VF-22 Sturmvogel II (purple)
VA-3M Invader

The 4 characters are members of Alpha team (Squadron?). Gilium Ungred,
age 35 is the ultra strict team leader who has lots of combat
experience. Gilium often yells at his team members when they screw up in
combat. However because of his strict instruction, his team has a very
low casualty rate.

Ages Focker (a relative of Roy Focker?), age 26 and is the hotshot pilot
who loves to fly. Ages is second in command of Alpha team.

Sugie Newlet, age 24 is the top female pilot who has given up her love
life for flying.

Unknown name (perhaps Tung Ma Woon?). Female, age 15 years. Very brave
and independent. Often acts alone.

Also, Air Combat USA, is acting as a consultant for VF-X2. If you
remember, they also helped with the air combat scenes in Macross Plus.

The Ghost X-9 (from Macross Plus) is also featured as a CPU oponent.

If you want any screenshots for VF-X2 just ask. There was a site with loads
of info (and movies) but it has been closed down ;_;

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