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> title "Reizunaa," so it's not exactly the same - if anything, Kelly's
> name would be pronounced more like that of Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor.

  Ah, so it might have been a deliberate gaffe on the part of the
translators, eh?

> It's pretty clear that the nuking-the-naval-review part took
> conspirator Green Wyatt by surprise, but he may have been a stooge in the

  It's as hard for me to believe that Fed conspiracists would allow their
own fleet to be nuked like that as it is for me to believe that the US
Navy deliberately allowed the Pearl Harbor attack to occur. (Raises

> conspiracy. Still, if he'd obtained the suitcase Cima was trying to give
> him in episode 8, he would have found out pretty quickly that we was
> scheduled to be at ground zero during the blast and might have changed
> his plans accordingly.

   Which suggests that he definately didn't know what was going to happen,
and probably neither did alot of the other conspiracists. Did Hyman or Ohm
look surprised by the nuking? (Well, I suppose it's hard to tell with

> Since Jamitov's flunkies have time to set up the anti-colony Solar
> System defense before the colony hits, it's clear that they had advance
> warning of some kind. If Cima had relayed the complete battle plan to

  Everyone seemed to agree that they'd known ahead of time... except that
the Fed fleet _was_ chasing the colony for quite a lot of time at that
point (A week?) and one could argue that they assembled the system as a

> Operation Stardust that _she_ was involved in, and then planned to
> deliver the rest of the plan to her Federation allies once it was in her
> possession.

  Makes alot of sense to me!
  Besides! Given Cima's suspicious nature doesn't it makes sense to you
that she'd say "Give me Five million in advance and I'll tell you about
Phase One... but before you get any wise ideas about bumping me off as I
leave your office, I'm not going to tell you about Phase Two until you
deliver the rest of the money to my ship in three weeks..."
  She may have been deliberately 'baiting' the Feds to extort more money
out of them.

> The timeline indicates that Cima only joined up with the Delaz Fleet on
> October 25, almost two weeks after Gato launched the operation by
> stealing the GP02 (and from his dialogue, it's clear that she only joined
> after he left for Earth). That's also just two weeks before Cima's

  Right, because she was coming in with her Zanzibar at the time... one
wonders if maybe she wanted to 'accidentally' screw up or damage the Gp-02
because it was a monkeywrench in her plans? Is it possible she didn't know
what it was for but knew what it could do and realized she wasn't being
told about one part of the operation and 'took it out' this way?

> aborted meeting with Wyatt, sixteen days before the attack on the naval
> review, and nineteen days before the colony lands on Earth. Unless Delaz

  Wow, that's not alot of time, considering she had a colony to hijack!

> gave Cima advance info before she formally joined, her knowledge of
> Operation Stardust and her transfer of this knowledge to Jamitov and
> friends must have been very last-minute. I'd almost suspect that she
> joined the Delaz Fleet because she'd been retained by the conspirators to
> infiltrate Operation Stardust!

  I'd like to think that she made the decision to betray Delaz _during_
the macho-isms of Operation Stardust... but if she really had only less
than 20 days to run her side of the operation AND get the information
secretly to the Federation Conspiracy then she MUST have had everything
set up and agreed on LONG before the operation. These things take time and
trust to build up.
  But what's totally odd about that is... well, how did the Conspiracy
KNOW that there was going to be an operation Stardust months before it
  My theory is that OS was _originally_ just the colony-drop operation...
This plan, requiring lots of manpower, eventually began leaking to the Fed
through their web of informants, etc. But the Delaz Fleet was too
undermanned and underarmed to carry it out.
  The presence of the GP-02A gave them the means and ability to create a
massive distraction and a means to even the odds. (How convenient). Hence
it became a critical 'last minute addition' to their plans which they
exploited, but didn't necessarily have to tell people not involved with
the colony-drop operation part of of OS. Heck, Delaz and Gato may have
been the only people who really knew what was going to happen.

  Of course, this is all screwed up with the way the Anime was made, where
the _colony_drop_ was the part tagged on to the Fleet-Nuking climax.

> If I'm right about the timing, I'd say they were making the best of a
> bad situation. Operation Stardust was already underway, a nuclear Gundam
> had been stolen, and they took advantage of their inside contact to
> figure out a way to turn this calamity into a successful power grab.

  I like that theory alot better than the "Hyman had the GP-02A
constructed so that the Delaz Fleet could initiate Operation Stardust and
then the conspiracy could save the day and take over Earth" theory.
  It makes alot more sense for the Titans to use Cloak and Dagger methods
to come out as Heroes rather than to allow so much damage to occur to
their own fleet and planet just to make a political point!

> >First, you have to understand that 0083 was originally planned to run 7
> >eps, not 13.
> Did we ever find confirmation of this - in staff interviews, say - or
> is it just speculation?

  Good point, but I thought it was 'widely published'? I mean, I thought
even Mecha Press mentioned this. Hmm!


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