Camille designs Zeta?

Ben Koshy (
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 05:18:31 -0800

Hmmm...I was following a thread last week about doubting Camille's ability
to design the new Zeta Gundam. I was 'reading' (my Japanese reading is
limited) my Z Gundam Character edition and noticed a few things:

Camille was still in high school when he joined AEUG. He seemed to be quite
the junior engineer as his photo album reveals him flying a jet-fighter
styled jet pack which he designed. And his team at school won the Jr.MS
building contest. (It shows Camille on top of a human sized MS suit with his
hand in the air).

The book also states: "Camille's Linear Seat for MK-II." Does that mean he
designed it? I kinda doubt it...but I wonder...

And the most powerful piece of evidence: He fixed Haro II. Twice. :)

So perhaps it wasn't all that unbelievable...

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