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>>I was under the impression that it had long since been confirmed. I recall
>>that the first instance in which I read of it, the source cited voice
>>actress Rei Sakuma saying how surprised she was when the Gato/Nina
>>connection was revealed in Episode 11. Unfortunately, I can't remember
>>*where* I read that.
> The bit about Rei Sakuma being surprised was mentioned in UC Herald 2,
>page 143; it seems that she missed the hints in episode 7, too. :-)
>Tonghun indicates that the writers were kinda making up the Nina-Gato
>thing as they went along, but he never mentioned anything to suggest the
>series ran _longer_ than originally planned.

Either Nina is incredibly thick or it was patched in at a later date!

>>I *thought* it was in UC Herald -- which I tend to
>>give more credence than most other English-language sources -- but I
>>couldn't find the reference in either issue. That leaves Mecha*Press,
>>Animerica and any number of other sources, none of which rate so highly.
> I don't think it's ever been claimed in Animerica, either. I'd put the
>"0083 extension" back in the speculation pile for now...

It does make sense, anyway I think you have just got it in for Dyar ^_-

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