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Hi folks,

  Me again, with another synopsis for the Gundam Project. Yes, there's
already a 0083 synopsis there, but this one is shiny and new. Humor me
with comments and suggestions, and next time I'll have all-new synopses
for you. You know, like V Gundam, Crossbone Gundam, G Gundam, Endless
Waltz, something like that.

  I think you all know the story. Any suggestions for clarifications or
cuts (at 2000 words, it's on the flabby side) would be ace. Thanks!

-- Mark


On the last day of the apocalyptic One Year War, the bloody Battle of A
Bao A Qu draws to a close. Learning that Zeon leader Giren Zabi has been
killed, Captain Aiguille Delaz decides to withdraw his forces from the
battlefield and fight again another day. With him goes Anavel Gato, the
ace mobile suit pilot reknowned as the "Nightmare of Solomon."

More than three years pass, as the victorious Earth Federation rebuilds
its shattered fleet and launches a secret Gundam Development Project to
create advanced new mobile suits. Meanwhile, damaged space colonies are
transferred to Side 3, the former Duchy of Zeon, to ease its
overpopulation. And at the asteroid base Axis out beyond the orbit of
Mars, and at Delaz's hiding place within the Earth sphere, the remnants
of Zeon begin planning their revenge against the Federation...

Eastern Australia

The Federation assault carrier Albion arrives at the Torrington test
base, near the shore of the immense impact crater known as the Gulf of
Sydney. Aboard the Albion are the fruits of the Gundam Development
Project, a pair of prototype mobile suits developed by the lunar cartel
Anaheim Electronics. Test pilot Kou Uraki and his comrades ooh and aah
over the new Gundams, but are rebuffed by snippy systems engineer Nina

The Gundam Unit 2, specially designed for nuclear warfare, is loaded with
a warhead from the Torrington base's stockpile. No sooner has the mobile
suit been armed than former Zeon ace Anavel Gato, smuggled aboard the
Albion by an Anaheim spy, hijacks the Gundam and its lethal warhead.
Declaring the revival of the Duchy of Zeon, Gato hacks his way out of the
ship and escapes towards the Australian coast, while other renegade Zeons
cover his escape with a missile bombardment.

The surviving Torrington test pilots pursue Gato, foiling his attempt to
escape into space and chasing him to the shoreline. Kou, piloting the
Gundam Unit 1, battles the enemy ace but is unable to prevent his
retrieval by a friendly submarine.

Eastern Africa

The Albion receives reinforcements, including a trio of veteran pilots
who challenge Kou's worthiness to use the Gundam. Having analyzed his
performance to date, Nina vouches for the inexperienced young pilot, and
Kou cements his claim by besting his rival in an unauthorized mock
battle. With the reckless combatants cooling their heels in the brig, the
Albion sets off for Africa in pursuit of the stolen Gundam Unit 2.

Arriving in Eastern Africa, the Albion spends a fruitless week in search
of the stolen Gundam. The Kimberlite base, a leftover Zeon hideout housed
in an abandoned diamond mine, welcomes Gato and prepares to send him and
the Unit 2 into space using a vintage launch vehicle. The Anaheim spy is
accidentally unmasked, and flees towards Kimberlite with the Albion in
hot pursuit, but Gato's allies fight a ferocious delaying action and buy
him enough time to escape.

The Shoal Zone

In Earth orbit, a Delaz Fleet cruiser recovers Gato and the Gundam Unit
2, then sets off towards Aiguille Delaz's hidden base in the
debris-strewn shoal zone once known as Side 5. Upon his arrival, Gato is
dismayed to find that his leader has recruited the notorious Cima Garahau
and her private fleet to aid in their struggle.

Launching into space, the Albion follows Gato into the shoal zone. By
now, Kou has become established as pilot of the Gundam Unit 1, and is
growing ever closer to systems engineer Nina. But Kou's attempts to
impress Nina by adapting the Unit 1's software for space combat, and his
general romantic ineptness, begin to strain their relationship.

Delaz broadcasts his declaration of war on the Earth Federation, showing
off the captured Gundam Unit 2 - whose nuclear capability is a violation
of Antarctic Treaty - as evidence of the Federation's duplicity.
Meanwhile, Cima's fleet intercepts the pursuing Albion, destroying its
escort ships and battering its mobile suit contingent. Defying his orders
and Nina's advice, Kou launches in the improperly calibrated Unit 1, and
despite its poor performance he manages to fend off Cima's attack. But
Kou pays a heavy price for his pride, as the Unit 1 is badly damaged.

Von Braun City

The Albion limps into port at the lunar metropolis of Von Braun City.
Here, the ship receives repairs and supplies, the wrecked Gundam Unit 1
is returned to Anaheim Electronics for reconstruction, and the crew are
given shore leave. The dispirited Kou is ambushed by street toughs, and
rescued by a one-armed junkyard operator named Kelly Layzner. Kou soon
discovers that his rescuer is a former Zeon pilot, who is even now
rebuilding the vintage mobile armor Val Varo for the Delaz Fleet. He
nonetheless helps Kelly complete his repairs, recovering his own
confidence in the process.

Nina, meanwhile, has completed the reconstruction of the Unit 1. Kou puts
the upgraded Gundam through its paces, but again strikes out with Nina
when his shyness prevents him from confessing his obvious feelings for
her. As the Albion readies for its departure from Von Braun City, the
heartsick Nina decides to stay behind.

Suddenly, the soap opera is interrupted by the appearance of Kelly and
his renovated Val Varo. Having discovered that the Delaz Fleet intended
to buy his mobile armor from him, rather than allowing the maimed veteran
to join their battle, Kelly now intends to go out in a blaze of glory by
challenging the Gundam. After a fierce battle, Kou defeats the Val Varo,
inadvertently killing Kelly. He then rushes to aid Nina, who was caught
in the crossfire, and finally blurts out his love for her.

The Sea of Solomon

Departing Von Braun, the Albion joins the Federation fleet now gathering
for an immense naval review. The review is to be held at Konpei Island,
the asteroid fortress known as Solomon prior to its capture by the
Federal Forces during the One Year War. While patrolling the area, the
Albion stumbles across a clandestine meeting between Cima's fleet and a
Federation admiral. Battle is joined, and the Albion's mobile suit team
leader recovers a mysterious briefcase from one of Cima's wrecked ships.
Just as he is about to discover the secrets of the Delaz Fleet's
"Operation Stardust," his mobile suit explodes from lingering battle damage.

The naval review begins, even as the Delaz Fleet and other renegade Zeons
harass the Federation fleet with sporadic attacks. Suddenly, the Delaz
Fleet's main force arrives, spearheaded by Gato and the stolen Gundam
Unit 2. Gato launches the Unit 2's nuclear warhead into the thick of the
Federation fleet, destroying or immobilizing three-fifths of its ships.
Kou intercepts the retreating Gato and the two Gundams duel, ultimately
destroying each other and providing the escaping pilots with a brief but
intense face-to-face encounter.


Elsewhere, a pair of reconstructed space colonies in transit to Side 3
are seized by Cima's fleet. Manuevering the colonies into a collision,
Cima sets one of them on a course towards the moon. The Federation's
leaders are unimpressed, dispatching the remaining fleet from Konpei
Island to intercept the colony. The Albion's captain is more concerned,
and orders the ship to rendezvous with the Anaheim Electronics docking
ship La Vie En Rose to retrieve a third Gundam prototype.

Meanwhile, Gato meets with a delegation of renegade Zeons from the
asteroid base Axis. Though the Axis Zeons are officially neutral, they
provide the Delaz Fleet ace with a powerful new mobile armor, the Neue
Ziel. While Delaz's and Cima's fleets escort the moon-bound colony, Gato
uses the Neue Ziel to fend off the pursuing Federation fleet. As the
colony draws near the moon, an Anaheim Electronics executive - prompted
by the Delaz Fleet - uses the company's laser launching system to
activate the rocket engines attached to the colony, boosting it out of
lunar orbit and sending it on an Earth-bound course. The Federation
pursuit fleet, having exhausted its propellant, is unable to follow the
redirected colony.

The Albion arrives at La Vie En Rose, only to find that the general to
whom it reports has been relieved of his command, and that La Vie En Rose
and the Gundam Unit 3 are under the control of a rival Federal Forces
faction. Learning of the runaway colony's course change, Kou realizes the
true dimensions of Operation Stardust and decides to steal the Unit 3.
The Albion crew come to his aid, and, Gundam in tow, they set off in a
desperate attempt to intercept the colony.

The Critical Intercept Point

Escorted by Delaz's and Cima's fleets and guarded by Gato and his Neue
Ziel, the colony hurtles inexorably towards the Critical Intercept Point,
beyond which it will be impossible to prevent its impacting on Earth. The
Albion is in hot pursuit, and Kou, now piloting the immense mobile weapon
that is the Gundam Unit 3, tries again and again to fight his way past
Gato's equally powerful mobile armor. Rather than aiding the Albion, a
Federation fleet controlled by a sinister cabal of high-ranking
conspirators gathers _behind_ the Critical Intercept Point.

As the colony passes the point of no return, all seems lost. But now the
conspirators play their hand. Cima, revealed to be in cahoots with this
cabal, captures Delaz and orders a ceasefire. The Federation's orbital
fleet unveils its secret weapon, a Solar System mirror array like that
used in the Battle of Solomon, which will be used to destroy the runaway
colony. The captive Delaz commands Gato to fight on, and is immediately
killed by a furious Cima. An equally furious Gato destroys the bridge of
Delaz's flagship - narrowly missing Cima - and then attacks the Solar
System array just as it's activated, allowing the colony to break through.

Last Blitz of Zeon

Chaos ensues, as Cima's forces and the Federation fleet collide and clash
with the remnants of the Delaz Fleet. Kou goes after Cima and her fleet,
wiping out these ostensibly friendly forces, then goes in search of Gato.
As it turns out, the Delaz Fleet ace is inside the colony making
last-minute course corrections. Kou confronts Gato in person, but is
prevented from killing him by the unexpected intervention of - Nina!
Holding Kou at gunpoint, Nina confesses that she and Gato were once
lovers, and insists that she won't allow the two men to kill each other.

Gato repays Nina poorly for rescuing him. Knocking her out and handing
her over to one of his loyal comrades, he squares off against Kou's
Gundam for a final duel. Just as Gato is about to deliver the coup de
grace, the reassembled Solar System is activated once again. The
combatants and the colony are consumed by a blinding light...


The Solar System attack is too little, too late. The colony crashes onto
the Earth's surface, not on the Federal Forces' subterranean headquarters
at Jaburo, but on the agricultural lands of North America. Gato, his
mobile armor scorched and battered, leads the remains of the Delaz Fleet
in a doomed final charge against the Federation fleet. And, in the
aftermath of this bloody affair, Kou Uraki is court-martialed and sent to

Soon afterwards, politics intervene to Kou's benefit. Using the calamity
of Operation Stardust as a pretext, the Federal Forces conspirators
create an elite military organization - the soon-to-be-infamous "Titans"
- to combat terrorism and anti-Federation rebellion. The truth about the
colony fall, and all details of the Gundam Development Project, are
erased, and with them the basis for Kou's punishment. Kou is released
from prison and returned to duty at a testing base in North America.
Here, to his amazement and joy, he is reunited with his closest friends
among the Albion crew... and with Nina.

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