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>I was under the impression that it had long since been confirmed. I recall
>that the first instance in which I read of it, the source cited voice
>actress Rei Sakuma saying how surprised she was when the Gato/Nina
>connection was revealed in Episode 11. Unfortunately, I can't remember
>*where* I read that. I *thought* it was in UC Herald -- which I tend to
>give more credence than most other English-language sources -- but I
>couldn't find the reference in either issue. That leaves Mecha*Press,
>Animerica and any number of other sources, none of which rate so highly.

    I believe we have cover this topic before (I forget exactly when, but it
has been a while...), and the evidence obviously points out that 0083 was
planned to be much shorter than the 13 episodes. Is there anybody on the
list that still has that discussion somewhere?

Edmund Chiu

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