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Mark Simmons (
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Paul Lampshire asks,

>I've been watching 0083 recently and it suddenly struck me.
>Kelly Layzner - is he named after the show SPT Layzner?

  Maybe, maybe not. His name is written "Rezunaa," versus the series
title "Reizunaa," so it's not exactly the same - if anything, Kelly's
name would be pronounced more like that of Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor.

>What was the original plan for Operation Stardust? At what point did Cima
>sell them out to the Feds? And why can't I shake the feeling that Jamitov
>Hyman was involved right from the beginning - or at least very early on -
>[other than that I've suddenly turned into Oliver Stone]?

  It's pretty clear that the nuking-the-naval-review part took
conspirator Green Wyatt by surprise, but he may have been a stooge in the
conspiracy. Still, if he'd obtained the suitcase Cima was trying to give
him in episode 8, he would have found out pretty quickly that we was
scheduled to be at ground zero during the blast and might have changed
his plans accordingly.

  Since Jamitov's flunkies have time to set up the anti-colony Solar
System defense before the colony hits, it's clear that they had advance
warning of some kind. If Cima had relayed the complete battle plan to
them already, I don't see why her meeting with Wyatt was necessary, so my
best guess is that she'd given them advance notice about the part of
Operation Stardust that _she_ was involved in, and then planned to
deliver the rest of the plan to her Federation allies once it was in her

  The timeline indicates that Cima only joined up with the Delaz Fleet on
October 25, almost two weeks after Gato launched the operation by
stealing the GP02 (and from his dialogue, it's clear that she only joined
after he left for Earth). That's also just two weeks before Cima's
aborted meeting with Wyatt, sixteen days before the attack on the naval
review, and nineteen days before the colony lands on Earth. Unless Delaz
gave Cima advance info before she formally joined, her knowledge of
Operation Stardust and her transfer of this knowledge to Jamitov and
friends must have been very last-minute. I'd almost suspect that she
joined the Delaz Fleet because she'd been retained by the conspirators to
infiltrate Operation Stardust!

>Zeon? Unclear. We don't see what's happening in Side 3 till at least Zeta
>[if then] What happened to the Zeon government after Stardust anyway?

  It continued being a Federation puppet, and in Z Gundam it formally
sided with the Titans (since they share a mutual interest in suppressing
Zabi loyalists).

>The people behind the Titans?
>Yes. They gained power. Regardless of what happened - and their plans seem
>to have been *really* fouled up - they took control of the Earth
>Government - granted they lost part of North America in the process -
>[surely not what they had in mind] [surely that's just collatoral damage?]

  If I'm right about the timing, I'd say they were making the best of a
bad situation. Operation Stardust was already underway, a nuclear Gundam
had been stolen, and they took advantage of their inside contact to
figure out a way to turn this calamity into a successful power grab.

Dafydd comments,

>First, you have to understand that 0083 was originally planned to run 7
>eps, not 13.

  Did we ever find confirmation of this - in staff interviews, say - or
is it just speculation?

-- Mark

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