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>><< Aono 6 Go, Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star >>
>>What in the heck are those three shows about? I have only heard of those
>>show by name.
>Hmm.... Only seen an episode of Cowboy Bebop.... Looked quite good....
>About bounty hunters, I think.... The episode I've seen had something to
>do with a guy named Abdul Hakim trying to smuggle a welsh corgi named Ein,
>with the protagonists Spike Spiegel and Jet Black after him....

Very cool show. The animation crew that did Escaflowne did this (with a few
Macross Plus key players). Jazzy Yoko Kanno soundtrack. Also it has
Kawamoto (Gundam 0083, 08th MS Team) Toshihiro chara designs.

>Aono 6 Go I have no idea.... I just know its completely computer rendered
>(no cells), and as for Outlaw Star, I've only seen pics.... They're
>nothing to write home about, so it really could go either way with me.

Outlaw Star is another bounty hunter style show, but don't sell it short.
It had some great animation for it, and is a bunch of fun.

Aono 6 Go is getting a bunch of press for being 100% digital (both 2d and
3d artwork), and having Range Muruta(sp?) chara designs. Don't know about
the story, but people are saying that the visuals are fantastic.

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