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>I've been watching 0083 recently and it suddenly struck me.
>Kelly Layzner - is he named after the show SPT Layzner?

You nailed it in one.

It's a pity they didn't name him "September Layzner" -- September is often
abbreviated SPT.

>The other thing that's been bothing me is this.
>What was the original plan for Operation Stardust? At what point did Cima
>sell them out to the Feds? And why can't I shake the feeling that Jamitov
>Hyman was involved right from the beginning - or at least very early on -
>[other than that I've suddenly turned into Oliver Stone]?

First, you have to understand that 0083 was originally planned to run 7
eps, not 13. The original Operation Stardust plan was probably only the
hijacking of the Mk.82 nuke and using it to attack the Naval Review at
Konpeitoh. Then, as each volume of the OAV series outsold the previous
volume, the writers got busy and extended the series. That's when the
Titans business, bridging 0083 to Z, came into play. That's when they
added the colonyjack, the Gato/Nina secret past, the Neue Ziel, and the
third Gundam to oppose it. The original story was probably supposed to end
with the mutual destruction of the two Gundams and Kou getting the girl
while Gata escaped, saying he'd never forget (or underestimate) that young
Feddy ever again.

>Who gained from Operation Stardust?

Everyone loses. It's not so much a question of who gains as of who loses
the least. The anti-Federation factions gain somewhat in that the
Federation is shown to be corrupt (surprise!) and involved in dark doings
like banned nuclear weapons -- and the fact that the Fed now has on one
ship for every four that it had before Stardust -- but they lose even more
in that the EUG/Titans use the remaining forces unremittingly while rebuilding.

>Zeon? Unclear. We don't see what's happening in Side 3 till at least Zeta
>[if then] What happened to the Zeon government after Stardust anyway?

Don't confuse the Delaz Fleet with the Zeon Republic. The post-War Zeon is
the independent, sovereign nation that it wanted to be. Stirring up the
Federation works against its national interest. Delaz was trying to
restore the Duchy and the Republic wouldn't want that, especially since the
Republic's leadership are all technically traitors to the Duchy.

>The people behind the Titans?
>Yes. They gained power. Regardless of what happened - and their plans seem
>to have been *really* fouled up - they took control of the Earth
>Government - granted they lost part of North America in the process -
>[surely not what they had in mind] [surely that's just collatoral damage?]

Jamitov probably considered it an "acceptable loss" -- he certainly used it
his political advantage, although he could've done that just as easily with
the loss of Jabrow (and any "troublemakers" assigned there) as was probably
the actual plan.


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