Re: ...and next MG is....!

Mano Limvoraphun (
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 07:54:08 +0700

>There's a rumor floating around in Japan that MG "Super Gundam" (not just
>G-Defenser, the whole thing) will be released on January 12th. The price
>tag is Y4000. This is relatively reliable info, since this has been said to
>be originated in plastic model shops in Japan. Can someone who knows Scott
>Hards well ask him if he knows anything about this rumor?

I've contact to the company who import the model from japan. It's actually that Bandai will release "Super gundam" Not the G-defencer only since eary of November, but they were took it as a secret to give the selling of MK2 AEUG version

>Some people is predicting G-Defensor will be released later due to strong
>demand from fans who bought MG MK-II already, but we'll see what happens...
>Also, another rumor stating PG Zak will hit the store in March.

I don't know the news of this PG

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