I must be dense. [Gundam 0083]

Paul Lampshire (gbc76@dial.pipex.com)
Wed, 9 Dec 1998 22:56:05 -0000

I've been watching 0083 recently and it suddenly struck me.
Kelly Layzner - is he named after the show SPT Layzner?

The other thing that's been bothing me is this.

What was the original plan for Operation Stardust? At what point did Cima
sell them out to the Feds? And why can't I shake the feeling that Jamitov
Hyman was involved right from the beginning - or at least very early on -
[other than that I've suddenly turned into Oliver Stone]?

Who gained from Operation Stardust?

Zeon? Unclear. We don't see what's happening in Side 3 till at least Zeta
[if then] What happened to the Zeon government after Stardust anyway?

The people behind the Titans?
Yes. They gained power. Regardless of what happened - and their plans seem
to have been *really* fouled up - they took control of the Earth
Government - granted they lost part of North America in the process -
[surely not what they had in mind] [surely that's just collatoral damage?]

Bad Joke follows...
[Sadam Hussein goes to the world bank and asks for a loan. "Have you got
any collataral?" "Well...." "I''m not taking that, it's damaged..."]

Other questions like, "Does Gato have a brain?" [I mean, Delaz plays the guy
like a fiddle...] will have to wait...

Thanks for your help.

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