Burkenator lives! (WAS: Re: Animevillage's next wave of release)

Burke Rukes (z-gundam@texas.net)
Wed, 02 Dec 1998 02:23:34

Hello everybody!

The Burkenator returns from the Abyss of Lurkdome to make greetings, let
everyone know that I'm still alive (at a new email address/ISP/etc), and to
update everyone on the new-and-improved MECHA DOMAIN MARK-II that will be
launching at the end of the month. But first, a response to Rodrick Su's

>No new Gundam except dubbed version of 0083 for the next 6 months.

A friend of mine with no net/web access recently had some trouble ordering
his tapes from AV.com, but after a lot of hassle over not cashing a check
that was written for too much, mailing him TOO MANY tapes, etc., he finally
got the mess staightened. But now, here's the good part...

He called me up last Friday, having just gotten off the phone from the
people at AV.com who called him to make sure his order (finally) arrived
alright. Inquiring about future releases, he did get this bit of info...

Char's Counterattack is now in production! Yay! However, I'm STILL
waiting to hear whether or not/when they're gonna do Zeta myself... he
asked them that, and apparently their opinion/plan right now is to build up
a small financial base first before moving on to tackle a large 50+/-
episode long TV series, possibly for general release to stores (that means
no more having to order directly from AV.com). BTW, they're shooting for
the release of CCA sometime early this next year (hopefully by March, if it
is indeed in production right now). Anything else is still up in the air
at this point.

Okay, on to other stuff.

Over the last six months, when I haven't been working my tail off and
pulling 60 hour weeks at work, I've been grinding out updated HTML code and
scanning pics for The Mecha Domain Mark-II. Please note that this new web
site will NOT be at the current AOL address... while my AOL account is
still active, I don't even bother to check my mail there anymore. I'll
start uploading the files in a few days... when the site is 100%
up-and-running, I will post here on the ML to give everyone the new address.

MDMk-2 will feature 90% of all the mecha pics in full-color (about the only
things NOT in color will be most of the line art for ships and other
support units). There will be sections for EVERYTHING from all the
animated series/movies/OVAs to most of the side stories like Sentinel,
G-Unit, F90, Gaia Gear, etc. Plus a 100% complete Gundam FIX Hajime Katoki
art gallery... and whatever else I can think of between now and then. All
the HTML code is 100% complete right now... I'm just impatiently waiting
for my copy of MS Encyclopedia 98 to come in so I can finish scanning in
the pics I need.

Until next time,

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

The Mecha Domain - http://members.aol.com/PnzrGundam/

"You can't fight City Hall, but you can goddamn sure blow it up!" -George

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