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> Subject: OT: Some questions about Macross
> And, of course, they
> >could do away with that idol singer crap.
> >
> >
> GASP! What? Macross would just be some half grade rip off without the music
> aspect of the show... except for dubbed Minmay....get rid of her...

A half grade rip off of *what*, exactly? Mecha shows? There were giant
robo shows before Macross. What Macross had was a great sci-fi story, a
'Protoculture' that created other races and then disappeared. Imagine the
stories they could have run with if they hadn't devoted so much time to
the idol singer filler (I don't mean the Zentraeti(sp?) lack of emotions
or culture, I mean Minmay) - more story about trying to find the original
creators, maybe more races decendent from Protoculture, etc. Instead we
get one side story about developing a next generation fighter and another
of a rock group in space. I'd love to see a series that shows the SDF-1 as
it originally was (before it crash landed on Earth) along with others of
the same design, see why it was built.

Gundam stuck with the sci-fi aspects more. And had a wider variety of
mecha and political/social factions which I really like, sort of in the
vein of Jerry Pournelle's Falkenberg series. If Macross had lost the
idol singer stuff and concentrated a little more on the warfare (I'd
love to see a day in the life of those ARMD based pilots or a ground
battle or two between a Destroid battalion and some Glaugs) then I'd
like it even more. Hell, I still bought the box set of laserdiscs,
didn't I? With Gundam I get that kind of detail.

> Anybody know of a Macross ML in english?

Ya, is there?


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