Re: OT Macross was (Re: Re: Some questions about Zeta Gundam)

Mark Nguyen (
Mon, 07 Dec 1998 09:24:46 PST

>I still think that Macross is a far better saga than Gundam, it is far

I think that the biigest difference between the two is the concentration
of Gundam on the "epic" feel, involving people, countries, planets, etc.
Gundam also has a huge political drama component to it, whereas Macross
has very little (and most of that is concentrated only in the original
series). Macross seems more of a character drama, where Gundams tend to
be as much about the movements and organizations as the characters too.
Whether this make Gundam "better" is subject to opinion.

Macross also leaves a lot to the imagination, whereas Gundam prefers to
define every little detail and bring stories to a close with few loose
ends. Also, Macross has always been about the effect of music on the
human soul, something Gundam really can't touch. Or can it?

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