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>Ever visited the Macross Compendium?
>I'm shure you can find a detailed history of the protocultures there, from
>the man that won't get sued from the creator.

Eh?!? 0.o that by me again will you...

>Oh shure, the Gundam fan need not worry about love. Hmmmm, oh I forgot about
>all those interesting charachter developments with the bridge crew, and
>Lahla? No Love in Gundam. And good thing I fast forewarded past a few tapes
>of 0080 just to see the mecha, no emotional growth baggage for me.


The "emotional baggage" is what makes shows like 0080 great! Big giant robots
gets pretty dull after a while if all they do is fight!

...the mecha are only cyphers of their pilots (as stated by sempai Darren

>Macross has a tiny love story, a mere triangle. Gundam's stories go WAY
>deeper than Macros has even tried. Shinji has nothing on our boy Amuro....

Tiny? There is a pretty obvious (and small) love triangle in the original
between Lalah, Char and Amuro!

There is a depth to Macross that perhaps even supersedes Gundam. However a
lot of the Macross storyline has to be inferred whereas most of the Gundam
has been animated.

I still think that Macross is a far better saga than Gundam, it is far more

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