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>Subject: Re: Revival of Zeon / PMX-004?
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>>This is one of several manga by Kondo centering around the life of a
>>Federick B. Brown. Pretty good pilot.
>No, that's the MS Saga series. If Frederik Braun appears anywhere in
>Revival of Zion, I couldn't see it.

I'm pretty sure he's there. I just checked it again. The character was
not listed in the intro but throughout the book there was reference to
him as "Captain Brown" (not sure about the exact translation of the
rank). Unless there's another guy name "Brown" in the Gundam universe,
that's him. He appears mainly as a tactician in the manga but did pilot
the O2 and the Breda near the end. The manga was rather bad in terms of
character introduction. There was none. Everything was on a last name
basis. Almost as if Kondo expect the reader to know who the characters

>Like his Side Story of Z, Revival of Zion qualifies as a "alternate
>history" of the Gundam world. Like 1946 and other "what if?" scenarios
>where the Luftwaffe got their "secret weapons" into production, the
>in RoZ are, for the most part, alternative developments of the mecha
>which we're familiar.

Most likely Kondo just like the design and decide to adopt it. Still,
there is no realistic reason why anyone would resurrect the PMX series
considering the P in PMX stood for Paptimus.. who is long dead by then.
The MS prefixes are significant indications of their origin. It is not
just assigned arbitrarily. ie: MSN - Neo Zion, MSA - Anaheim, MSZ -
Zeta, AMX - Axis, etc.. Unless Scirocco left designs before he died and
the NZ somehow got ahold of them. Even then they'd most likely rename it
to their own series prefix.

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