Re: New Bandai catalog/MG Dom (was: More info on the Perfect Grade Gundam!)

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>>Tell me something, does Bandai charge for their catalog? If so, about
>>much do they ask for it?
> That's what Legends would have you believe so they could sell you a
>copy with a straight face, but I think Bandai gives out copies to
>and the # of copies you get depends on how big you are (i.e. your sales
>potential). I've heard in some Asian countries they only have ONE copy
>the whole country. These are clearly not for sale as the catalog does
>come with a price printed anywhere on it, but for Legends, which sells

I was wondering, 'cause last year I bought a copy at Otakon for $5. It
hit me as strange that they were charging for the book until I heard alot
of folks here talking about it.

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