OT Macross was (Re: Re: Some questions about Zeta Gundam)

Sean Miller (sbmiller@mindspring.com)
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 23:31:37 -0500

><start /Macross fan mode>
>Protoculture in Macross is an ancient life form, which was destroyed during
>civil war... sorta. In Robotech, Protoculture is a source of energy....
>Neither are really that in depth in definition.

Ever visited the Macross Compendium?
I'm shure you can find a detailed history of the protocultures there, from
the man that won't get sued from the creator.

>As for Minmay. ugh. Robotech and Macross gets annoying soemtimes, love,
>singers seem to bog it down. One of the reasons I switched over to Gundam.

Oh shure, the Gundam fan need not worry about love. Hmmmm, oh I forgot about
all those interesting charachter developments with the bridge crew, and
Lahla? No Love in Gundam. And good thing I fast forewarded past a few tapes
of 0080 just to see the mecha, no emotional growth baggage for me.

Macross has a tiny love story, a mere triangle. Gundam's stories go WAY
deeper than Macros has even tried. Shinji has nothing on our boy Amuro....

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