Re: New Bandai catalog/MG Dom (was: More info on the PerfectGrade Gundam!)
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 19:54:06 EST

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         I'll agree that the MG 'Goog has the most non-updated look, but it
 doesn't take away the fact that it is the best engineered, best designed MG
 kit so far. Except for the head, all the seam lines were hidden so well, and
 that is more than I can say for any of the MG Gundams they cranked out so
 People who are only dazzled by the exterior appearance just can't see the
 real beauty within the kit.
I agree I think that other then the elbows, it is an underrated kit. I think
the real joy of MG/PG models is the actual process of putting them together.
I mean they look great on display, but the best part for me is watching them
take shape.

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