RE: BGC (was Re: [OT] Girly mechas)

Ben Koshy (
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 13:16:21 -0800

> I forgot about her and her hardsuit... IT's been damn too long
> since I saw
> BGC. A shame for sure too...

Well, I don't think you have to wait for much longer to see them again. I
saw the new character designs in Newtype Magazine a couple months ago.
Character designs look like they are done by the guy who did Sol Bianca
(name escapes me, Kitazume? it could be someone else, but it sure looks
like his style)...the character designs are quite different. Priss, has
much shorter hair, Nene has really short bob cut, Linna has long bands of
hair that run down in front of her ear. And Celia has really really long
her (past her shoulders). And Leon looks like Guile from SF2. Mackie looks
much younger, wide-eyed, naive.

The hard suits look all the same... The new series takes place in 2040 (vs
2033) and it has Buma's (Boomers) and Genom. This looks like a new OVA
series but I heard originally it would be a movie & tv series. AIC is doing
the animation again.

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