Re: Revival of Zeon / PMX-004?

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>Subject: Re: Revival of Zeon / PMX-004?
>>2) Is MAN-010 "G3" (Gei Drei) some manga version of Nightingale? From
>>what I understood G1 was (Gei Eins) was Elmeth and G2 (Gei Zwei) was
>>just canceled, I guess that would have been MAN-009 (correct me if I'm
>As I recall, the "Nightingale" is a variant on the MSN-04 Sazabi
>in one of the CCA novelizations (Hi-Streamer?), so the MAN-010 G-Drei
you are correct. That is indeed where it appeared. Looks awesome. Its
like a hybrid between the Sazabi and the Alpha Azieru where the funnels
are located on the Skirt like the AA.

>be an offshoot of the Sazabi, if anything.

The G series or L-Mes series is not directly related to the Neo Zions,
ie: MSN series. For starters the MAN series are MAs, not MSs. Except for
the G2 which is the Quebeley. The G3 looks like a big crab, definitely a
MA, not a MS.

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