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>Date: Sat, 05 Dec 1998 21:04:15 +0100
>From: Djallel Zouita <>
>Subject: Revival of Zeon / PMX-004?
>I discovered this one yesterday, I suppose it's not really canonic but
>it depicts interesting MSs, and is a bit grim and gritty, the only
>annoying fact being the Zeta / Double Zeta proliferation.

This is one of several manga by Kondo centering around the life of a
Federick B. Brown. Pretty good pilot.

>Well, here are my questions:
>1) If "Bread" is PMX-005 and The O 2 is still PMX-003 what is supposed
>to be PMX-004 (PMX-000 being Messala, PMX-001 Pallas Athene and PMX-002
>Bolinoak Saman) ?

Not just that.. the PMX series is used exclusively by Scirroco. Now if I
remember correctly the setting of Revival of Zion is in 0092, one year
before CCA. Scirroco was LONG dead by then, never mind that, the TITANs,
and whatever was left of em', ie: New Decides, were long gone by then.
So there was no reason why that series should ever be resurrected.
>2) Is MAN-010 "G3" (Gei Drei) some manga version of Nightingale? From
>what I understood G1 was (Gei Eins) was Elmeth and G2 (Gei Zwei) was
>just canceled, I guess that would have been MAN-009 (correct me if I'm

Actually I remember quite a few sources stated or implied the G2, or
L-Mes2, is none other than the infamous Quebeley.

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