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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 10:21:49 -0700 (MST)

> I saw the kit today at Legends. They got 4 in and sold 3 right away.

  What's it retailing for at Legends?

> look REAL bad... but I'll reserve judgment when I get mine from Japan. I did
> notice that there were plated, yes, even COLOR-plated parts.

  You mean like the anniversary-edition plated MG Gundam?

> Oh yeah... heard a good rumor today. The real reason behind the Dom's
> delay was the disappointing sales numbers of the MG Gelgoog kits. Bandai made

  Doesn't surprise me at all. I've got two of them and I'll probably sell
'em both.

> 3 variants and stopped making any more precisely because the first 3 variants
> did not sell as well as expected. This freaked Bandai out and explains why

  Well, Bandai's got to do better than give you two different backpacks
for three variants and try and sell them as three separate kits!
  That's like selling the original Zaku MG with different weapons and
calling it a different kit! (Which they more or less did anyway). That is
a really annoying strategy. I got the Gelgoog-A because it's the most
JG-ish of the 'Googs and all they really did was give you a JG rifle and
slightly more details/thrusters on the fanny armor. Everything else is the
same and very undetailed and plain-looking.

> they ended up making the MG GP-02A instead, which turned out to be an even
> bigger financial loser for them. Apparently Bandai probably intended to do a

  Really! That's surprising. I would have thought that the GP-02 would
have been a hot hot seller. I only sold mine because of the "Arm Dropoff"
problem you guys were all complaining about.
  I guess the MG kits aren't doing so hot for Bandai. (I also heard a
rumor that the Zeta was a financial loss for them as well.) Makes me
wonder which MG kits actually produced a Profit!
  Maybe Bandai'll reduce the prices on future MGs to make them more
affordable? (More likely they'll go to exclusive 'once a year' mega-PG
kits that cost $200)

> MG Gelgoog-like design (i.e. frame w/ removable armor) for the MG Dom, but the
> negative reaction from kiddies who whine there weren't enough panel lines
> basically sent Bandai back to the drawingboard scratching their head. This is

  Good. I hope they'll stop reusing the old plain 1YW designs and start
doing more modernized looking MGs, like the original MG Gundam for

> a real pity, since the MG Gelgoog was clearly designed with the Crystal
> version in mind - the internal frame mechanics would look excellent with
> crystal armor on top of it, unlike the Crystal Gundam or Zakus, which looked
> awful mechanically when you can peer through the armor.

  Well, they're going to have to give you opaque 'internals' if you want
to do that. (Unless you want to spraypaint transparent plastics (eeeigh)).
Personally, I'm glad there are no more Crystal kits.

> Just got the new 98-99 Bandai plastic kits catalog. Unlike previous
> catalogs, this one is actually the size of, say, Time magazine (although a

  Wow! Where'd you get it from?

> bit thinner). The cover feature is obviously the PG Gundam, which got 4
> pages' worth of coverage. Then we get the MG Mk-II (1 pg for AEUG, the
> next page is the Titans version sharing the same page with the MG GP-02A),
> and the older MGs get the next two pages.

  Of course, since they're Bandai's flagship line!

> The next section starts with a 2 page spread of Endless Waltz 1/144
> HG FA kits. On the left are the kits in standard pose, and on the right are
> their Fighting Action poses. In the center there's a diorama photo of the 5

  This sounds similar to the little FA action booklet that came with the
FA-WG0C kit. Actually, a very nicely made mini-catalog of the five G-Boy

> Gundams standing on top of a hill/cliff. Flip over to the next page and you
> will see the 08th MS Team kits. The Ball LM kit is missing so I guess it is
> outta print like the other LM kits.

  Have they shown the 8MST Dom that was talked about in HJ (or whatever)?
  Yeah, we've heard that the LM kits are dead dead dead. I've seen some
being sold by online stores for $5 or so, which suggests that Bandai is
dumping their stocks of them. What an awful idea they were.

> OK... this next section is a TOTAL DISGRACE. It shows you ONE
> from each of the 18 older series and tells you how many kits are offered in
> and this section used to be the bread and butter of each Bandai catalog!

  What the hell!? That's awfull! That's pointless! That's.... Bandai.
  I guess they figger that since you can't easily find those kits, there's
no point showing their pictures. Perhaps Bandai is never ever going to
re-release any of those models again?

> Brain Powerd takes the next 2 pages. Bandai is even hawking their LD and
> video on these pages. Pretty pathetic, since they only have 2 kits and one of
> them is still under development. Lots of still shots to cover the empty space.

  Interesting. I heard the kits are to be released this month. Hm. What
are the kits like? (They seem to be releasing a BP kit and a color-variant
of it, plus a "Grandcher", and that's about it.)

> Next section is Gerasaki. Legends just got the 2nd kit (Isyutal Mk-II)

  Excellent! They're the best kits ever made by Bandai or anyone!

> from the series too. It looked like a direct rip of the walker from
> Evangelion (from the episode titled "A Human Works"), right down to the colors!

  Huh? From Evangelion? What walker are you talking about? I've seen up to
episode #21 and I don't recall ever seeing a mecha walker in that show.
  The #1 kit, of course, in the series, is a direct rip of several HG
mecha, but that's just fine with me.

> Anyway, first 2 pages for the kits, next 2 pages for a Gerasaki board/card
> game called "Mission Director".





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