Re: New Bandai catalog/MG Dom (was: More info on the Perfect GradeGundam!)

Paul Lampshire (
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 15:01:03 -0000

> I saw the kit today at Legends. They got 4 in and sold 3 right away.
>When you open it up the box is divided into 3 parts just like the PG Eva.
>the center there's a big photo of the PG Gundam with hatches open... makes
>look REAL bad... but I'll reserve judgment when I get mine from Japan. I
>notice that there were plated, yes, even COLOR-plated parts.

Yes, the pistons are plated - those that move that is. There are a few
non-working cylinders in the model, but mostly...
And the hip/shoulder joints are pretty groovy. More system injection
wizardry in that you attach a small frame over the end of the leg/arm and
it's got 4 pistons on it

>>Put it this way. I spent 15 minutes just looking at the thing after I'd

>>built it.
> You FINISHED building it already? Did you just snap it together or
>did you paint the whole thing?

I didn't mean to, honest... : ) [I just got carried away...]
I got it on Thursday morning and spent all of Thursday night, and Friday
night and Saturday morning putting it together [all in all over 12 hours].
I've not given the whole thing a paint job because:
1) It looks pretty good as is.
2) I've got to get my airbrush fixed and to be honest this would need
3) I'm not that good at painting - some people may disagree with me on this
one, but it's true.

I've not applied all the xfers yet, so in that sense it isn't finished, but
it's at a point where I feel happy to leave it for a while and come back

> Nah. Bring on the Zeon suits!!!

I'd say that a 1/60 Char's Zak is inevitable. Personally I'd like to see a
Mk2, but...
Even better, why not skip the MG Dom, and go straight to PG?

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