Re: More info on the Perfect Grade Gundam!

Paul Lampshire (
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 14:42:59 -0000

>> Darn but this thing looks brilliant, even with all the panels on, and
> But isn't it a little plain on the outside?

If you leave the xfers off, then it is a bit, but...
And, to a certain extent, it depends on the pose, the elbows and knees are
more open than on the HG/MG as are the ankles. [for example, the way I have
it at the moment, I can see the pistons and other workings in the right

It's the sheer *presence* of the thing...

>> [Oh yes, and the body fits to the legs somewhat awkwardly...]
> What do you mean?

There are 4 polycaps in the bottom of the body. These are supposed to take
4 tabs on the plate that links the body to the legs. They are a very tight
fit, either that or it's just meant to sit on them, suffice it to say, that
I *don't* think that having got it together, that it's going to come apart
without breaking...

>> And the way the weapons fit into the hands is nice, and we finally have
> What do you mean by that?

The hands have a couple of small slots in the palms. The weapons [beam
rifle, beam sabres] and the shield have tabs that fit into the slots, this
means that together with the improved fingers, that it can actually grip the
weapons properly and not have them flopping around loose...

Oh, and the shield also attaches to the lower arm as well...

>> seperate fingers... [oh, and all the legs have a kind of sprung
>> and the feet are articulated...]
> Interesting! Describe how they made those hands!

There are 4 seperate fingers and a thumb on each hand - made using system
injection - and they're all fully jointed. Not only that, but they're stiff
enough to stay in one position. They are a little bit on the long side

>> Put it this way It's more than worth the money, even for a guy like me.
>> somebody who can *really* build good models, this is a must.
> Cool! I'll get it just as soon as the Yen drops back to its July levels.
> -Probe

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