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Sun, 6 Dec 1998 22:58:17 +0900 (KST)

> What does Angel Halo actually DO anyhow? Isn't it a giant "Brain Juice"
>antenna of some kind? (Basically a giant psychoframe?)

Angel Halo ("Enjeru Hairou" :) is a gigantic psycommu fortress constructed
by Zanscare Empire in association with the enigmatic NGO - Jupiter Energy
Fleet, in U.C.0153. According to Dengeki EB, its original purpose is 'to
create the new mankind who don't fight each other' -- Fonse Kagachi said.
But its real function is degenerating human being into his/her infant
state, by destroying the instinct of struggle, fighting, and war. And
after the process, Zanscare Empire would be the only regimate power that
can control the Earth Sphere and its population. In a word, it is a giant-
size brainwashing mechanism.
(simply weird but somewhat fascinating indeed... :-)

This process needs twenty thousand 'Psychickers' ("Psykickers" as romanized
in NT 100% books) and a prominent 'Newtype' (like Queen Maria or Shahkti)
who can concentrate their brain waves for the purpose. All the Psychickers,
being in suspended animation state, are encased in capsule tubes inside the
Angel Halo, and the NT who will work as antenna is placed in the 'Key Room'
in its central axis. Dengeki EB speculated that its another purpose could be
some kind of 'genetic bank', that can choose and preserve the best kind of
genes extracted from the Psychickers sleeping inside the fortress.
(reminds me of Mr. Sinister from X-Men Animated Series... heh. :-)

This weird doomsday device was, basically designed by Junya Ishigaki, and
finalized by Shigemi Ikeda. It made its first appearance in episode 41 of
Mobile Suit Victory Gundam. (and continued to appear until the finale, the
episode 51.)

Why JEF and Zanscard build this fortress is still unclear, and the major
difference between a Psychicker and a NT is also unanswered in the series
itself. (You'd better try video game called Psychic Force in that matter...
A bad joke. ;->

>How big was it anyway,

No detailed tech specs, but its length is about 20km, according to the NT
100% books.

>and what did it look like?

It is made up by five huge rings and central axis called Center Circle
which looks like some kind of midium-size spaceship.


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