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Y. Choe (
Sat, 5 Dec 1998 21:40:56 -0800

>How about the fabulous Fey-Yen and its (her?) successors? ;->

The new "Ai no Senshi Fei-Yen Kn" and "Oh! My Goddess-Virtuaroid" Angelan?
Five of those Fei-Yen Kn's and we can have the series "Ai no Senshi Fei-Yen
Virtual Sailors" kicking the crap out of everyone in its existance. And
don't get me started on Angelan and those feathery wings of hers. WG0C
ain't the only mecha in town with Angel Wings.

>So we can have all three categories when we talk about so-called girly
>mechas, 1) female-shaped giant robots, like Nobell Gundam or Mylene
>Valkyrie 2) mechanical girls, like Black Magic M-66 or the original Cutey
>Honey 3) powered suits designed especially for female users, like Hard
>Suits from BGC. Right?

So, is that really it? I figger with the right stylings, the Gundams could
have a feminine touch to its designs, for instance, the Wing Zero Custom.
Feminine with a hint of "I'm gonna kick yo' ass if you look at the wrong way
punkass" look?

>>Macross and Gundam take it a bit far though when they color their mecha
>>pink or model them after Sailor Moon to show it is a "female"-inspired
>>Mark Kai
>...But I didn't think the Miria's red Valkyrie as 'feminne mecha'...
>Mylene's Valkyrie was not only colored pink but also had some female-like
>'cute face' (was that cute?) and curved limb parts. Oh, well. :)

Now there is a feminine mecha if there was one to begin with. Now, why not
have a mech with a long hair that can be used like a weapon ala Gouf's Heat
Rod? Now fashion doesn't mean sacrifice of function!

Y. Choe

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