Re: [OT] Girly mechas
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 13:17:01 +0900 (KST)

>> Go Nagai's turret and missile breasted mecha,

All that companion fem-bots from Mazinger series, like Aprodigh-A,
Dianan-A, and even that glamoruos Byunas[Venus]-A had the breast-missile,
and some critics explained that as the example of explicit Nagai-esque
taste. (He created the original Cutey Honey after all... ;-)


ARIEL is the OVA series based on sci-fi novel series written by Yuichi
Sasamoto (I could misread the kanji.) and published by Asahi Sonorama.
It has two 2-part sets of episodes (so all 4 episodes if add up) and
released by Pony Canyon in 1989 (the 1st series "ARIEL : The Ultimate
Crisis of SCEBAI") and 1991 (the 2st and final series "DELUXE ARIEL"
- its two episodes are entitled after the title of Ideon Movies, like
"A Contact" and "Be Invoked" respectively. It seems like some kind of
light-touched parody. :) The heroine robot ARIEL (the name stands for
All Round Intercept and Escort Lady) is piloted by three young girls
(the niece and two granddaughters of the mad scientist who build the
fancy robot that takes after his beloved, disceased wife. -_-) and has
very few useful weapons but very beautiful face (......oh god :-)

>> and, of course, the pinnacle of fembot evolution: Nobel Gundam!

How about the fabulous Fey-Yen and its (her?) successors? ;->

>Well, female mecha design is petty much a joke, for the most part. The
>Bubblegum Crisis suits seemed to do a good job with it.

So we can have all three categories when we talk about so-called girly
mechas, 1) female-shaped giant robots, like Nobell Gundam or Mylene
Valkyrie 2) mechanical girls, like Black Magic M-66 or the original Cutey
Honey 3) powered suits designed especially for female users, like Hard
Suits from BGC. Right?

>Macross and Gundam take it a bit far though when they color their mecha
>pink or model them after Sailor Moon to show it is a "female"-inspired
>Mark Kai

...But I didn't think the Miria's red Valkyrie as 'feminne mecha'...
Mylene's Valkyrie was not only colored pink but also had some female-like
'cute face' (was that cute?) and curved limb parts. Oh, well. :)


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