Re: More info on the Perfect Grade Gundam!

Paul Lampshire (
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 01:09:04 -0000


Darn but this thing looks brilliant, even with all the panels on, and closed
up it looks great. It's got a real presence [at about 12" tall, that's not
surprising] Yes, it's not quite the same design as the MG [or HG] version,

[Oh yes, and the body fits to the legs somewhat awkwardly...]

Put it this way. I spent 15 minutes just looking at the thing after I'd
built it. It's just so... solid looking - there's a small amount of
painting, even if you don't paint [if you see what I mean] in that the clear
bits [eyes, and cameras] need to be coloured [yellow, red and green]
And the way the weapons fit into the hands is nice, and we finally have
seperate fingers... [oh, and all the legs have a kind of sprung suspension
and the feet are articulated...]

Put it this way It's more than worth the money, even for a guy like me. For
somebody who can *really* build good models, this is a must.

[Now, next year, can we have a 1/40 Zeta Gundam, or a 1/12 Scopedog, or a
1/40 VF1?]

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