OT: Girly mecha (was Re: Some questions about Zeta Gundam and Macross)

Mark Kuettner (mkuett@hotmail.com)
Fri, 04 Dec 1998 23:22:00 PST

>>I don't think the "fantasy" mecha genre has gained the popularity of
>>the "realistic" mecha genre, because the idea of mecha to the mass
>>public is pretty much the Gundam-esque type of mecha. Eva broadened
>>things a bit, but for the most part mecha, as thought of in the basic
>>sense, stays in these guidelines:
>>A) Huge size
>>B) Male-type body configuration
>I think "suit of armor configuration" would be closer. And that's only
>true for the "hero" mecha. "Villain" mecha are more often insectile or

Which is kind of a cliche in itself. The good guys have to be in
humanoid mecha in order for the viewer to "identify" with them more?
I guess you could say mecha, for the most part, have that unisex "suit
of armor" look, but male characteristics like big shoulders and thick-
er legs tend to be more common than female characteristics.

>And let's not forget the fembots!

As Austin would say, "Is it cold in here, or is that just me?".

  Go Nagai's turret and missile breasted
>mecha, ARIEL, and, of course, the pinnacle of fembot evolution: Nobel

Well, female mecha design is petty much a joke, for the most part. The
Bubblegum Crisis suits seemed to do a good job with it. Macross and
Gundam take it a bit far though when they color their mecha pink or
model them after Sailor Moon to show it is a "female"-inspired suit.

Mark Kai

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