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<<Oh. I was unaware the idea of Protoculture was exclusive to Robotech.
Oh gersh. Next your going to tell me that Lynn Minmay was actually a
guy in drag in the Macross version...:( )>>

<start Robotech/Macross fan mode>
Protoculture in Macross is an ancient life form, which was destroyed during a
civil war... sorta. In Robotech, Protoculture is a source of energy.... sorta.
Neither are really that in depth in definition.
As for Minmay. ugh. Robotech and Macross gets annoying soemtimes, love, idol
singers seem to bog it down. One of the reasons I switched over to Gundam.
But... Robotech is actually better than Macross IMHO, Macross lost it's
direction after Flashback 2012, Macross Plus is good but... Doesn't seem
Macross enough. Okay, back to Gundam ^_^

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